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Phra Katha Bucha Luang Phor Thuad from Samnak Song Khao Kuti, Songkra

Phra Katha Bucha Luang Phor Thuad from Samnak Song Khao Kuti, Songkra

This katha for Luang Phor Thuad can be used for any Luang Phor Thuad amulets or statues. If you are wearing Luang Phor Thuad amulets, you may hold them in your hands while chanting the katha. Alternatively, if you have a photo of Luang Phor Thuad, you may also recite this katha in front of the image. You may do this whenever you set off from home for work, or before you travel overseas. If you do not have any Luang Phor Thuad amulets, you may also recite this katha to venerate him in your mind and seek protection. First, still your mind and recall the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha, then chant the katha below (Aratana).

First Part

Duay anupab heng phrapputtajow tangpuang
Duay anupab heng phratammajow tangpuang
Duay anupab heng phrasong jow tangpuang
Duay anupab heng tan sin powanna
Khunbida manda khun kruba ajarn
Khundin khunnam khunlom khunfai
Metta khun karuna khun heng Luang Pu Thuad Yeab nam talay jeud leh sing
saksit tanglai tangpuang

The katha may be loosely translated as;
Power of The Lord Buddha
Power of The Dhamma
Power of the Sangha
Power of morality from Buddhist Precepts
The grace of parents and Teachers of the Dhamma
The 4 elements of the Universe; earth, water, fire and air
The power of loving-kindness and compassion of Luang Pu Thuad Bestow

powerful blessings to all

Second Part

Pause, then concentrate again and chant the katha below.

Jong don bandan boon gu-son
Ti kapajow dai gra tam bam pen ma
Tang teh ah deed , juabjon pahjuban, kor peh hai teng
Tewada ti raksar, tua khong kapajow
Tewada ti raksar, barn rearn, leh tewada
Ti kiao neung, kab kapajow, took took pra-ong
Talord teung jao kam nai waen tang puang
Ti kam lang jong len ngan, kapajow yoo
Khor hai dai rap suan boon suan gu-son
Ti kapajow dai pea u tid ni jong took khon took tan tern

The katha may be loosely translated as;
I bring forth my merits
I wish to share my merits
I will share all the merits I have accumulated from the past to the present
May all the deities arrive to protect me and my house
May I dedicate my merits to all, even those who would cause me harm
May all rejoice in the blessings of my merits

Part 3

Pause, and quieten your mind once more. Recite the Namassakara 3x, followed by the katha below

Namo wi mood ta tanang
Namo wi mood ta ti yar
Namo Potisatto
Nameh ti Nametta
Nasi neh har, Na cha li ti, Na Ma Pa Ta, Na Ma Ah U

(No translation available)

Individuals who recite this set of katha regularly, will gain protection. Even if you do not keep your Luang Phor Thuad amulet on your person at all times, his power and blessings will still continue to assist you throughout all aspects of your life, with a constant stream of good luck.

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