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Katha Khanha (Full Version)

Katha Khanha (Full Version)

Performing Khanha is essential whenever a person brings a consecrated amulet/bucha home for the first time. It serves as a respectful request for the blessings of the forces of the Universe, and the kindness of Buddhists teachers, saints and deities. The process may be used to perform simultaneous Khanha for multiple amulets.

Pic: Big Khanha offerings (Picture References: 544355494/


Prepare these items on a single plate:
1) 16 incense sticks
2) A selection of different fruits, e.g. oranges, apples, rose apples, pineapples or guavas. Do not offer papayas. Place 5 of these fruits on each plate. These plates must be offered in matching pairs at a time, e.g. 2 plates of 5 oranges each, 2 plates of 5 apples each etc.
3) Flowers (again, in matching pairs)
4) Jasmine flowers
5) 24 baht (or the equivalent in your currency)

Light up 3 sticks of incense, 1 pair candles, and offer prayers by reciting the katha below.

Pics : Khanha Offerings Picture References: (top left) chairevee ;aphom/, (top right) k060124/, (bottom) Anatta_Tan/


Namo Tassa Pakawatoh Arahato Sammasamputtasa – 3x
Iti so pa kah wa satu mer kapajow
Tang sip niu yoke keun neua rawang khiew
Pra nom grap koom namad sakarn
Kapajow jakor rum lerk
San sern ja reun pra khoon
Teung phra bidon yee sip ed
Khoon marnda sip sorng
Khoon mae phra poh sop sam sip gao
Khoon phra putta jow ha sip hok
Khoon phratam sam sip paed
Khoon phra song sip si
Khoon phra ajarn sip tad
Khoon phra upadcha
Khoon phra gamwajahjarn
Khoon phra anusawanahjarn
Khoon phra thoranee yi sip ed
Khoon phra kong kah sip song
Khoon phra pleng hok
Khoon phra pai jed
Khoon ark sorn see sip et
Khoon ark kara sam sip sam
Khoon adsawad
Khoon padsawad
Khoon midsawad
Khoon na duang keaw sampragan
Khoon sin har khoon sin paed
Khoon sin sip
Khoon sin sorng roi yee sip jed
Khoon mak see
Khoon porn see
Khoon phra nippan neung
Cheng ruam bpen khoon phra
Na wa lo kood ta la tammajow kow pragan
Duai dey chah kah phra putta jow
Ja khor tam garn sing dai dai khor hai prasit
Khoon phra lersi narod
Khoon phra lersi narai
Khoon phra lersi pra lai koh ti
Khoon phra lersi pilarb
Khoon phra lersi nha wua
Khoon phra lersi tar fai
Khoon phra lersi som mid
Khoon phra lersi baromkoth
Leh khoon phra lersi teemeerid tang neung roi pead phra ong an song deycha
Khoon phra naresuan issuan awatan
Khoon phra pikanet
Khoon phra inn
Khoon phra phrom
Khoon phra siwa
Khoon phra narai awatan
Khoon phra yom
Khoon phra garn
Khoon phra jatulokabarn tang see
Khoon phra matulee
Khoon phra poom jow tee jow krung palee
An pen tee kowrop nap teu keh foong chon
Khoon phra tosaponyan
Khoon phra puttajow tang sam sip tad Anpen phra barami
Khoon phratam jed kampee
Ruam tang pead meun see pan phra tammakhan
Khoon phra sri rattana trai
Khoon phra taat katha
Khoon phra sathup jaydee
Khoon phra sri mahapoh an roong rod chatchawan
Khoon phratam wiharn see tang lai
Khoon phra mokkala
Khoon phra saleebutr
Khoon phra upakut thera
Khoon phra paka wambodee
Khoon phra tri ni singh hey
Khoon lek khoon yant khoon pan katha khoon wan leh khoon yah
Khoon takrut pisamorn, Khoon pah prajiad leh mongkhon
Khoon phra maha satrah, An reuang dej wised sood
Khoon phra atid hok, khoon phra chan sip har
Khoon phra angkan pead, khoon phra put sip jed
Khoon phra sao sip,
Khoon phra paruehadsabodee sip gao
khoon phra rahu sip sorng
Khoon phra suk yi sip ed
Khoon phra ket gao
Na phra puttajow tang lai tee dai u-bud ma
Khor hai prasit
Sitthi kit jang
Sitthi gammang
Sitta gariyang
Ta tha katoh
Sitthi tey cho cha yo nid jang
Sitthi lar po ni ran ta yang suppastathee pawantumay

The Katha may be loosely translated as;

I put my palms together, raised up between my eyebrows, paying respect to the Buddha.
Bowing my head to the ground, I give respect to all the kindness bestowed upon me by the following:
My father bestowed upon me 21 types of kindness,
My mother bestowed upon me 12 types of kindness,
The lady deity of the fields and harvest bestowed upon me 39 types of kindness,
The Buddha bestowed upon me 56 types of kindness,
The Dhamma bestowed upon me 38 types of kindness,
The Sangha bestowed upon me 14 types of kindness,

Our Teachers, Preceptors, 1st Announcing Teachers/Monks, 2nd Announcing Teachers/Monks, bestowed upon me 10 types of kindness.

The Earth Goddess bestowed upon me 21 types of kindness,
The water of the Ganges River bestowed upon me 12 types of kindness,
Fire bestowed upon me 6 types of kindness,
Wind bestowed upon me 7 types of kindness,
Written words bestowed upon me 41 types of kindness,
Vowels in language bestowed upon me 33 types of kindness.
Virtuous relationships,
The Triple Gems; Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha,
5 precepts, 8 precepts, 10 precepts,
The 227 precepts of a monk,
Renunciation of 4 types of worldly desires,
4 levels of fruition; Sotapanna, Sakadagamin, Anagamin, Arahant,
One Nirvana,

These 9 attributes of a Buddha (The Renunciation of 4 Worldly Desires, Achievement of 4 Levels of Fruition, and 1 Nirvana)

I request the blessings from all I have mentioned, to achieve success in my tasks.

Lersi Narod – the first original Lersi
Lersi Narai – Teacher for dances and musical instruments and Thai massage
Lersi PaLaiKohTi – Deer Faced Lersi
Lersi Phra Pilarb – Teacher for Mahametta, Business growth
Lersi Na Wua – Cow Faced Lersi
Lersi Tah Fai – Lersi with a 3rd eye on his forehead
Lersi Soom Mid – Lersi with a book
Lersi BahRom Koh Tee – Lersi with many faces
I respect all the 108 Lersi, kindly come to my aid.
King Naresuwan (the transformation of Lord Indra, which is a Thai belief),
Lord Ganesh,
Lord Indra,
Lord Brahma,
Lord Shiva,
Transformation of Lord Narayana,
Lord Yama,
Goddess Karala,
4 Heavenly Kings,
Charioteer Deity,
The spiritual protector of the land “Jao Krung Palee” (a place in Hindu legend),
May the above mentioned Deities come to my aid.
The Buddha with his “Earth witness” mudra, giving forth 30 types of kindness,
Kindness from the 7 Dhamma Scrolls, including 84,000 types of Sutta,
The Triple Gems, Relics/Sarira in the pagoda and the Bodhi Tree,
The 4 Immeasurables – Metta, Karuna, Upekha, Mundita,
Moggallana, Sariputra, Upakut
The Esoteric inscriptions and spells,

Maths, inscriptions, kindness of all the protective spells, kindness of the medicine, kindness of the takruts, and the cloth (of the robes) belonging to a virtuous powerful persons,

Kindness of the Teacher who taught weaponry skills; swords, shields, horse/ elephant riding (In the ancient days, spiritual adepts would cast enchantments onto horses/ elephants so that they would not be injured or killed in wars),

15 types of kindness bestowed by the Moon,
8 kindnesses bestowed by Mars,
17 kindnesses bestowed by Mercury,
10 kindness of Saturn,
19 kindnesess of Jupiter,
12 kindnesses of Rahu,
21 kindnesses of Venus,
9 kindnesses of Neptune,

All I have mentioned, kindly come to my aid.

The morality and rules a monk has to follow, the responsibilities of everyone,

The power from our faith protects us. Enabling us to overcome obstacles and win over conflicts and competition.

May I always be fortunate. May what I set out to do be successful. May these blessings be upon us all.

After the recitation, leave the offerings to sit for a while, while they are accepted. Donate the money which you had offered earlier. Finally perform an Utid Suan-guson (refer to the article on Utid Suan-guson) for the amulet as well as the maker of the amulet.

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