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Katha for Takrut Mai Kru by Luang Phor Kalong, Wat Khao Leam

Katha for Takrut Mai Kru by Luang Phor Kalong, Wat Khao Leam


Wearers of this takrut are advised to mind their speech. They should not use harsh words, and should refrain from scolding others, especially their parents.

They should also uphold the 3rd Buddhist precept (no sexual misconduct) with utmost care.

When your wish is granted, you must bear greatest dedication and responsibility for the object of the wish. For example, if you wished for a son, and your wish is granted, you must care for him, love him deeply, and guide him through life with utmost responsibility.

According to Luang Phor Kalong, owners of this takrut who break these cardinal rules, will experience swift and grave retribution throughout the course of their lives. Read and understand more about Takrut Mai Kru from Luang Phor Kalong in another article.

Katha for Takrut Mai Kru

Namo Tassa Pakawato Arahato Sammasambuddhasa – Recite 3x

Ittak tee, yo tak ru
No char toh
Ae hi, may wa
Samma kha ma
Recite – 3x

Ma Ah U
Metta ja ma ha racha
Sap pa saneh har
Ta ma jittang
Piyang mama
Sappa sukhang
Ja maha laphang
Sappa grotang
Winad santi
Kah ro hoti
Sampak woh
Recite 7x

You may make a prayer or a wish after recitation.

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