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Katha for Guman Thong Tewada Noi, Luang Phor Chang, Wat Nong Yai Mao

Katha for Guman Thong Tewada Noi, Luang Phor Chang, Wat Nong Yai Mao




Om maha taewagumaro piyagumaro
Mahapootoh mahittigo suppaetisae
Suwattigo suppakamaesu



kolakso Suppachananung hatakyeah mahatecho
Prawattigo ratanatya nupawaena


Ratanatya taechasa taewanang
Ittipasaena taewa gumaroja lokawitoo
Ah hung nookah, Ah kan Chaya
Ah kan chahi, mahittgo



Note: Before you bring the Guman Thong into your house, you must use incense sticks to inform the Buddha, holy monks and deities statue already residing in your house of his intent to enter.


To worship your Tewada Noi

, use “khaw pak mor
” or the top layer of rice from your rice cooker only, together with red soda, and hard boiled eggs. Offer this every Tuesday, accompanied by 5 incense sticks. Occasionally, invite him to eat with you at your table.


Whenever he grants your wishes, remember to reward the Guman Thong with extra food, drinks and toys. When you go to tamboon

(making merit by giving food to monks or liberating captive animals) remember to do Utid Suan-guson
(refer to our article on Utid Suan-guson ) for him. It will increase his power.


Pic: “Khaw Pak Mor”, top layer of cooked rice
(Picture References: Pixel-Shot/


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Tewada Noi
, Luang Phor Chang
, Wat Nong Yai Mao
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