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The Legacy of Ajarn Pleng Boonyuen

The Legacy of Ajarn Pleng Boonyuen

  • The Spiritual Love Doctor of North East Thailand



Wicha as a Life-Changing Tool

All human beings are searching for happiness and success, and fear to live with misfortune and unhappiness, be they physical, emotional, or spiritual. Often times, our difficulties seem insurmountable, and no matter how hard we fight, we still find it difficult to overcome them.


Everyone has a different way of coping with the challenges of life. Many turn to religion as a means of support, or a helping hand in overcoming the odds they face. Some even develop an affinity towards spiritual figures, such as monks or kalawat who may provide insights and perhaps even solutions to their problems, sometimes in the form of amulets imbued with the magic they need to turn the tides in their favour.


One of the most famous practitioners of this form of “life-changing” wicha, is Ajarn Pleng Boonyuen

, a renowned Kalawat (or lay-master) who is also affectionately known as “Jom Kamang Wet Mahasaneh Haeng Daen Isaan
”, or ‘North-East Thailand’s Most Adept Sorceror”.


Ajarn Pleng Boonyuen – The Early Years

Ajarn Pleng’s plethora of amulets

Ajarn Pleng was born on 7th June B.E. 2460 in Ampur Thatoom, Changwat Surin

. In the past, Communist ideals began to take root across Thailand. Many Communists were prosecuted and incarcerated. While only a teen, he was a Communist sympathizer, and that eventually led to him being placed on a Wanted List. He fled into the jungle to avoid persecution. It was there that he met Phra Ajran Pha. Phra Ajarn Pha
was of Cambodian heritage and possessed a wealth of knowledge about the art of Cambodian wicha.


Impressed by the monk’s knowledge and prowess, young Pleng became a disciple of Phra Ajarn Pha and finally, after a period of learning. Seeking refuge, he eventually ordained as a monk under Phra Ajarn’s tutelage.


Ajarn Pleng ventured on a Tudong

journey across Thailand, Laos and Cambodia for around a decade. During his journey, he became well versed in the practice of Arkhom
, which he learnt from Phra Ajarn Pha. He also practised his meditation frequently, honing his focus to near-supernatural levels.


Food was scarce whenever they traversed the jungle. At times, they found themselves having to survive on the leaves and fruits of trees. They often slept and practised with meditation in caves that were crawling with cobras and dangerous insects, but their protective spells kept them safe from harm. It is often said that in these jungles, the swarms of nocturnal mosquitoes were so thick that they sounded like drizzling rain. Ajarn Pleng and his master, however, were untouched by the bloodthirsty legions. Such was the power of their kongkrapan.


After successfully learning Wicha Phong Prai

, he started to perfect the wicha by crafting his own Phong Prai to make Kreung Rang later. The materials of these Phong Prai were acquired from the corpses of the communist sympathizers who had suffered unnatural death at the hands of persecution. He harvested these parts himself, mixing them with sacred herbs, and chanting the invocations to consecrate them.


Ajarn Pleng disrobed in B.E. 2492, and 6 months later, became a teacher. He was eventually promoted, becoming the principal of a secondary school in Surin province, a role he remained in until his death. He continued to come to the aid of the community, helping people out with their love interests and helping to reverse hexes and curses. He was appointed as the village’s magus, and his renown continued to spread far and wide.


His Name, His Fame

Here are some of the events that catapulted him to fame:

  1. A gangster challenged his kongkrapan skills, daring him to get shot. Ajarn Pleng calmly took off his shirt and allowed them to shoot him. The gun fired, but the bullet could not penetrate his skin.
  2. Once he was invited to bless a bridge named Mae Nam Moon
    before it was opened to the public. When performing the ritual, seemingly endless schools of fish began leaping into his boat, awing the assembled crowd of onlookers.
  3. Due to his proficiency in wicha, the forces residing within him would sometimes make him feel too much heat inside him that he could not sleep and had to meditate the night away under the tree.
  4. The Kom Chad Luek, a reputable Thai newspaper, reported the case of a man who was put under a spell by a woman, causing him to give in to all her demands. The man’s wife brought him to see many monks and kalawat, hoping to reverse the spell, but none succeeded.The hex was only broken after the man donned an amulet from Ajarn Pleng. Even though his amulets are crafted from Phong Prai, many people believe that they are capable of reversing misfortune, as well as breaking curses and hexes.A student in Ajarn Pleng’s school was bitten by a cobra, and it was a race against time to seek proper medical attention. While waiting for help to arrive, Ajarn Pleng recited some Katha and spat on the wound. Miraculously, this neutralized the venom, and the boy was saved.

Because of his renown, Ajarn Pleng was often invited by temples to participate in their consecration ceremonies. His devotees were also fond of bringing their amulets from other temples to be blessed by Ajarn Pleng, as they felt like this would boost their potency.

Renowned as the best Kalawat in Jom Kammang Wet Mahasaneh, he made  many such amulets, including;

  1. Guman Thong Nai Khuad Namman
  2. Khun Paen Sayorbmarn
  3. Khun Paen Mahaseneh
    (Por 1),
  4. Khun Paen Chom Talad
    (Por 2),
  5. Khun Paen Sakodtub
  6. Khun Paen Prai 59 Ton
  7. Khun Paen Lang Phra Inn Songchang
  8. Khun Paen Pim Sayorbman Bucha Kru 84 years
  9. Somdej Jom Surin
  10. Rak Yom
  11. Inn Koo Maha Saneh
  12. See Pheung
  13. Luk Om Pet Klab
  14. Takrut Tone
  15. Takrut Phaya Ngu Leum
  16. Paladkhik
    and more.
Various amulets from Ajarn Pleng Boonyuen; Phra Pidta Prai 59 Ton, Rak Yom, Luk Om Pet Klab, Takrut Phaya Ngu Leum


Khun Paen Jom Surin and Somdej Jom Surin
Khun Paen Sakodtub



His Legacy and Death

Ajarn Pleng was married to Mrs. Yon Boonyuen

, and they had 7 children. He passed away from pneumonia on 16th Feb B.E. 2552 in a hospital in Surin. He was 87 years old. His lineage is carried by many disciples. The most notable ones are;
  1. Luang Phor Sawat Pumisaro, Wat PaSaenUdom, Ampur Mueng, Changwat Ubon Ratchathani
  2. Ajarn Samrong Lakkhasorn
  3. Ajarn Phrai Keow Surin
  4. Ajarn Koon Phomtuang
  5. Pu Sri Thongmak
  6. Ajarn Wichai Maleehuan

Why Pee Prai?

According to Ajarn Pleng, he always strove to create the absolute best examples of each amulet he made. He wanted the understanding and application of each to be thorough, and of absolute potency. He practised extreme attention to every detail, ensuring that nothing was slipshod or sub-par about his work. All his Watthu Mongkon

and Kreung Rang Phong Prai
are infused with Pee Prai
to awaken the spells’ full power, and never with the intent to wreak havoc.


His amulets cover a range of effects, running the gamut from supporting opportunities for wealth, trading, career or speculative luck, to increasing their owners’ abilities to attract and charm people, or even shield them from the Law.


His rationale was that the Pee Prai was only invoked to help people, and in doing so, were thus able to make merits for themselves by proxy, as they were unable to do so themselves, having no physical body, as well as a large number of misdeeds accumulated at the point of their unnatural death.


Pee Prai are efficient at invoking and imbuing Mahasaneh, as well as granting wishes, but they are unable to overcome the effects of karma. It is believed that making offerings to the Pee Prai on a full moon night will boost their powers. People prefer to feed their Pee Prai daily, as the Pee Prai often assist them in their daily lives.


The powers of Mahasaneh all have their own time and place in the natural order of things in the universe. When one holds kindness and compassion for others, one will naturally attract others. Constantly performing acts of virtue and charity towards others will also naturally draw others towards you. These effects are only amplified through the judicious application of sorcery.


Engaging in misdeeds, however, will result in the diminishing or sorcery’s potency. In this world, nothing lasts forever, and change is the only constant. That is one of the universal truth’s uncovered by the Buddha. Only our karma and merits will follow us wherever we go, thus it is of the utmost importance to live our lives with love and mindfulness towards ourselves and others.


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