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The Macabre Knowledge of Guman Thong Part 2 – Worship Methods and Spells

The Macabre Knowledge of Guman Thong Part 2 – Worship Methods and Spells

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In Part 1, we have explored the types of Guman Thong, and revealed the modern and ancient rituals involved in their creation. In Part 2, we will discuss how to channel, invoke, and apply the power of Guman Thongs to your life.



Care & Feeding of a Guman Thong

After receiving their Guman Thong, new owners are required to invite their Guman Thong into their homes and lives. When introducing a Guman Thong to a home, it is important to prepare an appropriate resting place in advance, such as a shelf. They must never, however, be placed within proximity to any Buddhist statues or artefacts. Their resting place must never be higher than any Buddhist or Deity statues as well.

In many ways, raising a Guman Thong is a lot like raising a Buddhist child. Owners are required to feed them regularly, provide ample drinks, and guide them in the pursuit of merit. Proper care results in good fortunes coming their owner’s way, as they aid the Guman Thong in accumulating merits for use in their next life. Toys and other distractions such as soft drinks (red-coloured preferred), snacks, candy and other curiousities, are essential for the long-term well-being of Guman Thongs. Perhaps more important is an owner’s demeanour when dealing with their Guman Thong. They should always address them kindly and politely, as they would their own children. Most importantly, owners should aspire to be truthful, and always keep any promises made to their Guman Thong, especially after enjoying the resulting success.

These material possessions are simply a means to an end to enhance the Guman Thong’s existence. The thing they crave and need the most, however, is merit. This should be a constant, daily pursuit for Guman Thong owners. This may be achieved through Anapanna, Vipassana or Metta Bhavana, with the resulting merits being dedicated to the Guman Thong.

The proper rules and protocols to invoke the powers of each Guman Thong, are unique to their respective school of creation. Thai people usually enlist the aid of Guman Thong in business, or for watching and guarding their homes, making the houses appear occupied even when their owners are not home. Guman Thong are able to whisper in potential customers’ ears, tugging at their clothing, drawing them in and convincing them to part with their hard-earned money, without them feeling like anything is amiss. Not every Guman Thong, however, possesses the power to influence sales in this manner. It depends on an amalgamation of factors involving the creator and owner, their faith, the purpose of creation, the nature of the spirit residing within the statue, or even the material or rituals used in its creation.


Determining the Relative Sanctity of Guman Thongs

Internal Factors

  1. If the creator and owner of the Guman Thong uphold a high standard of moral and spiritual integrity, a Guman Thong will develop along a similar path of righteousness. Should one of the two succumb to immoral behaviour however, the power of the Guman Thong will be diminished.
  2. Utmost faith in the practice and sacred knowledge is vital for maintaining its potency. Believing that the Guman Thong is the personification of its creators moral fibre, faith, and virtues, will ensure that the Guman Thong’s powers will reach their fullest potential.
  3. The intent and application of the Guman Thong’s powers must be similarly morally upright, or the Guman Thong’s powers will diminish as well.


External Factors

This often stems from the process used to create the Guman Thong.

  1. If the spirit inhabiting a Guman Thong is there of its volition, its powers will err on the side of moral integrity, and it will gravitate towards the pursuit of merit. A spirit that died a brutal, unnatural death, however, may be difficult to control, and beyond the abilities of most potential owners. It is therefore important to determine the exact provenance of a spirit, before encouraging it to dwell within a Guman Thong, as destructive, immoral spirits could spell disastrous circumstances for their owners.
  2. The material used in the creation of Guman Thong, and its level of sacredness and profanity, can have a remarkable impact on the finished product. Materials used are often retrieved from human remains or involve material with intense spiritual connections. Considering the source of the materials is therefore very important, as this will help potential owners to determine the efficacy, and more importantly, moral predisposition, of their new companion.
  3. The ceremony was undertaken in its creation also plays a big role in determining the sacredness of a Guman Thong. Details matter, and everything from the purity of the materials, to the timing and pacing of the consecration, has a profound impact on the qualities imbued in the Guman Thong. All rituals must be adhered to perfectly, and even a small misstep could render the Guman Thong powerless, and turn its consecration into a futile endeavour.
  4. The true litmus test of a Guman Thong’s sanctity is its ability to bestow its owner with miraculous acts of serendipity or luck. Caring for a potent Guman Thong will likely cause owners to experience almost miraculous events in their life, often to their benefit. A regular occurrence of these is often a sign that a Guman Thong has indeed been consecrated in a sacred manner. Or the owner could see, hear or feel their presence. However, not all owners are able to perceive their Guman Thong.


How to Invite a Guman Thong into the Home

Light 16 incense sticks in front of the shrine, or alfresco area of your house. Request for the permission of your guardian deities, and any resident spirits that protect it. Following this, formally introduce yourself, and your family members to the Guman Thong (this prayer is to request for the protection and aid from the Guman Thong to you and your family) and open both the entrance and exits of the house, before inviting your Guman Thong in.

How to invite a Guman Thong to Companionship

Light 5 incense sticks in front of the shelf that you set up for them and introduce yourself using these words:

phor cheu (for man) or mae cheu (for woman)……….{your name}……… pen kon num jao ma lieng bucha, tor paj nee jao cheu……………{your Guman’s name}…………., phor (for man) or mae (for woman) num jao khao ma bucha phuea hai jao chuay, ha ngern ha thong fao baan hai choke hai lap, look Guman Thong ma chuay phor/mae hai som pratthana turn, leaw phor/mae ja hai khong rangwan roop na, jao jong chuea fung phor/mae na, pai nai kor pai duay kan, kin aria kor kin duay kan, mai tong ror hai reik

Meaning; my name is…… (your own name), I, who will accompany you and care for you now, your name is……… (your Guman’s name)……, I will worship you, and in turn seek your assistance, bring me money and gold, protect the house, bring good fortune, please make my wishes come true, and I will reward you. Obey me, and accompany me everywhere, eat with me, and never wait to do my bidding.

Things to note

  1. Do not place him facing the west as this symbolizes death. In the Thai belief system, an orientation to the West is symbolic of the rapid downhill decline of your life
  2. Do not place him under the stairs as it is deemed disrespect to the spirit when others constantly walk over him.
  3. Do point your feet at him as this is also deemed disrespectful.
  4. Do not face him towards a window, house door, or bathroom door. situate him in a suitable spot, with a wall behind him. This is because you would need a quiet spot to calm your mind to offer prayers.

How to worship Guman Thong

You must light 2 candle, 1, 5 or 9 stick of incense. The offerings may consist of various treats, including flavored water, red or green soft drinks, clean drinking water, dessert, fruit, snacks, milk, bread, etc. Ideally, cooked food, liquor, tobacco should not be offered to the Guman Thong, he is, after all, still a Child.

Katha to offer food for Gumanthong

Maa ma, pa ri phun chan tu, ja ma ha phu ta, aa khat cha ya aa khat cha hi, ae hi, ae hi, ma ma, maa maa


This spell can be used for all kinds of Gumanthong. It is a general spell.

To increase his sanctity (power), these spells should be recited every night before bed. The general spells used in Guman Thong worship are described below:

namo tassa phakhawato arahato samma samphutthatsa (3 times)

su wan no pi ya gu ma ro, ma ha phu to, ma hit thi go, sup pha ti,
se su wat ti go, sup pha kha me su, kho ja ro, sup pha cha na nung,
ha tha ye, ma ha te cho, pra wat ti go, rat ta na ta, te ta sa,
te wa nung, it thi pha le na, gu ma ro ja, ma hit thi go,
na ma pha tha, na mo phut tha ya, ja pha ka sa, ji je ru ni,
na or air, mo or air, phut or air, tha or air, ya or air,
ma a u, phut tha sung mi, ii ti gu ma ro, pra sit thi me


Tips for Communicating with your Guman Thong

To make a request, light candles and incense as an offering, call out to your Guman Thong, and make your request. When the offerings flicker, and your skin begins to crawl, your Guman Thong will have arrived, and will see to making your wishes comes true.

Katha for summoning you Guman Thong (make wish)

Om, pha ni ji, je ru ni, pantang, ae hi, ma ma


Katha for asking them to bring in sales and business

Ji je ru ni ji tang, je si kang, ru pang Gu ma ro wa, ma maa maa maa, na ma pha tha, ma a u


The above steps represent some of the most general rules for the care and feeding of Guman Thong. Some specific masters will have more in-depth care instructions for the Guman Thong they create. All of these rules should be adhered to very carefully.

Guman Thong help support your life and ambitions, but they are only a means to an end. At the end of the day, living a happy, fulfilling life, requires your own active involvement in chasing your hopes and dreams. There is, after all, nothing stronger than the force of human will and determination, and no spiritual aids, Guman Thong or otherwise, will ever replace it.

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