What is energetic items compatibility?

All things have a bio electric field (energy field), usually invisible to the untrained eye.

First, we will do a test to find out your baseline aura without any energetic enhancements.

After which, we can test how certain energetic items such as crystals will affect your aura and chakras. It also help you to find out if these items will help with protection, focus or even to enhance your clairvoyant abilities!

Usually, we would recommend for clients to test out their energetic tools to find out how each one affects them; with this knowledge, they can better choose the correct tool for the right purpose.

What you will get?

In our Advanced Package, you will get an aura report consisting of 23 pages that shows how your current aura and chakras are functioning (baseline report).

On top of that, you will get reports showing how certain energetic items and spiritual practices will affect your aura and chakras.

How is it done?

The machine we are using – The InnerSense Sensor reads your hand and instantly converts the data into gorgeous, easy-to-read visuals. Our software then uses the data to compose personalized data charts that cover a range of focal points, such as base aura colour. All these will be displayed live!

2 pages example of Aura Chakra Report

Our happy customers 🙂