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U- Ting from Tai Yai

U- Ting from Tai Yai

U-Ting is an amulet that originated in Tai Yai. There are several variants;


  1. A man seated atop an elephant
  2. A couple locked in an embrace, atop an elephant
  3. A figure holding a “Pin” (a type of ancient Tai Yai mandolin), perched atop an elephant
  4. A man sitting in front, and a lady seated pillion, riding an elephant


Pic: U-Ting in the shape of a couple locked in an embrace, atop of an elephant


Each variant holds its own symbolism and significance. A hugging couple denotes Mahasaneh. A man holding a “Pin”, influences the wearer’s trade and business negotiations. The man and woman travelling together by elephant, symbolizes good fortune on your travels, be they for trade or speculative activities like gambling. This variant is called “U-Ting Yoke Ko Nang Way Roo Wa TeeMin TaMee” (a Tai Yai word, which, unfortunately, is hitherto untranslatable by our team).


Pic: U-Ting in the shape of a man holding a “Pin”, with a lady pillion.
Pic: Boy holding a “Pin”, a kind of old Mandolin used by Tai Yai
(Picture reference: ISSARET YATSOMBOON /


These amulets are made in a variety of materials, including ivory, buffalo horn, deer horn and wood. Some monks or Wicha practitioners will pidthong

the entire amulet before consecration. It is reputed that there were even phayant made in the olden days as well. These versions however, are very rarely seen today. Owners of U-Ting may either wear them as amulets, or display them on their altars, where they can pray to them.


Pic: Example of a Buddha statue with gold leaves pasted (pidthong)
(Picture reference: ravipat/


Protective Purposes

  1. If you keep U-Ting with you, people will adore you and constantly flock to your aid. You will also win the favour of spirits and deities.
  2. All your business activities and transactions will go smoothly.
  3. During your travels, it will protect you. If you travel for business or to gamble, you will experience immense luck.
  4. If you have a shop or business, place the U-Ting in water, recite the appropriate katha, and spray the consecrated water around your premises to attract good fortune.
  5. Before proceeding for any form of negotiation, place the U-ting and Sompoi Jed Fak
    (7 strings of Sompoi) into water, and use the water to shower. Wear your U-Ting on you after, and ask for its help with the negotiation.


Pic: Sompoi, which are the fruit pods of the Acacia Concinna tree.
(Picture reference: Surchesth /


Pic: Sompoi water for bathing; mix 7 strings of Sompoi together with its leaves (Picture reference: Narin Nonthamand/


  • 6. Whether you choose to wear a U-Ting, or worship it at home, recite the katha every day, and it will help you in mysterious ways. Your wealth will grow, your business will be smooth and prosperous, your family will be harmonious and your life will be unhindered and fulfilling.


Om Tin Na Tin Na Had Ti Had Ti

Sah Tarng Jhi Nang Jhi Nang

Gup Sah Yar Gup

Om sawaha muhu

Recite 9x

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