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Wicha Phra Si Sala Ngeng from Cambodia

Wicha Phra Si Sala Ngeng from Cambodia

Phra Si Sala Ngeng is revered as an ancient Mahapoot (Daemon) as well as a Mahawej (a being of strong grey wicha power) in Cambodia. This ancient wicha has its origin in Cambodia and has been handed down from generation to generation. It is said that those who harness this wicha, or simply keep these amulets by their side, will always possess Udom Choke (a steady flow of good luck and tidings) and danger will never befall them.

Do not mistake Phra Si Sala Ngeng for a Guman Thong (golden boy spirit). Guman Thong are child spirits; while Phra Si Sala Ngeng is an ancient adult Daemon, wielding far greater power than Guman Thong. These amulets are capable of protecting their owners from danger, and activating their powers of clairvoyance to warn them of danger, as well as the prospect of good news, bad news, and potential opportunities. These will manifest almost as if someone is whispering about the future to you, or even sending you premonitions in your dreams.

One of the most well-known modern Phra Geji Ajarn, or masters of this Wicha, is Kruba Chaimongkon ChaiyaThummo (Phra Kru Opas ChaiyaMongkon), the Zhao Awat (Abbot) of Wat Saiyoil, in Ampur Den Chai, Changwat Phrae. He acquired this Wicha from his Teacher, Kruba KhanKeaw.

Pic: Kruba Chaimongkon

Kruba KhanKeaw is of Tai Yai origin (meaning his parentage is half -Thai and half-Burmese). He hails from Chiang Toong, and is a consummate professional at the art of Wicha and the consecration of amulets, as well as the removal of black magic and evil spirits. Kruba Chaimongkon often made long, arduous journeys to Kruba KhanKeaw’s temple to pay his respects to the master. Touched by his dedication and sincerity, Kruba KhanKeaw decided to pass the Wicha of Phra Si Sala Ngeng to him.

According to Kruba Chaimongkon, Kruba KhanKeaw shared many of the most intimate secrets of Wicha with him. The most precious of all, was the Wicha of Phra Si Sala Ngeng. This wicha is rare, and it requires a monk of strong mental fortitude and moral cultivation to be able to receive and successfully execute it. Kruba Chaimongkon was elated. Kruba KhanKeaw said; “You will be able to use this to help many people in the future.”

Pic: Kruba KhanKeaw

Luang Pu Boon Sopano of Wat Thung Hiang, was once skeptical about the capabilities of Phra Si Sala Ngeng. To test it, he invoked its power and made a wish. To his astonishment, the wish came true.

Pic: Luang Phor Boon Sopano, Wat Thung Hiang

Methods of worship

When you first come into possession of a Phra Si Sala Ngeng amulet, say a silent prayer over 7 stick of incense, informing the Phra of your name, surname, birthday, and address, before requesting permission for ownership of the amulet. Respectfully request that the Phra protect you and your family. Next wish for whatever you want. A word of caution: Do not wish for things that will bring harm, as there will be consequences.

Make an offering of Lao Khao (rice wine) to him daily, applied to his lips. If you made a wish and it is granted, make an additional offering of hard-boiled eggs and Lao Khao (rice wine).

Pic: Lao Khao
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Katha Bucha Phra Si Sala Ngeng (from Luang Phor Tae of Wat Sam Ngam)

Namo Tassa Pakawato Arahato Sammasambuddhasa – 3x

Pan Ja Marlay

Pan Ja Marma

Phra Si Sala Ngeng

Jittang Pitti Li Ni Soh

Jittang Pitti Li Ni May

Nang Sang Witoh Ti Mood Mang

Na Ma Pa Ta, Ma Ah U


Secret Method: Before leaving for a meeting, recite this Katha.

Before meeting ladies, recite the Namassakara 3x, followed by:

“Jittang Pitti Li Ni May, E (Recite the name of the person here).”

Before meeting men, recite the Namassakara 3x, followed by:

“Jittang Pu Li Soh, Ai (Recite the name of the person here).

Warning: This katha may not be used for bringing harm, or serious retribution upon the owner will follow.

Monks who have consecrated Phra Si Sala Ngeng

1. Luang Phor Tae of Wat Sam Ngam possessed knowledge of the Wicha, however, he did not consecrate any amulets. The wicha was passed on to his disciple, Luang Phor Yeam, who consecrated the phayant.

Pic: Phayant Phra Si Sala Ngeng from Luang Phor Yeam, Wat Sam Ngam

2. Phra Ajarn Tom of Wat Tha Sabang.

Pic: Phra Si Sala Ngeng from Ajarn Tom

3. Luang Pu Boon Sopano, Wat Thung Hiang,

Pic: Phra Si Sala Ngeng from Luang Pu Boon

4. Kruba Chaimongkon of Wat SaiYoil

Pic : Amulet Phra Si Sala Ngeng, Kruba Chaimongkon
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