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Phra Kring Roon Pad Kror Lang Kum, B.E.2549, by Luang Phor Jeud, Suan Patibatham Potisetti, Nakhon Pathom

Phra Kring Roon Pad Kror Lang Kum, B.E.2549, by Luang Phor Jeud, Suan Patibatham Potisetti, Nakhon Pathom

Phra Kring Roon Pad Kror Lang Kum

was the first batch of Phra Kring made by Luang Phor Jeud
from Suan Patibatham Potisetti, Nakhon Pathom in B.E. 2549, using the method “sang bap tay boran pluksek ting tuan
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”. This is a traditional method of pouring the melted alloys into a mould, before consecrating them as the final step. This process is quite difficult to perform correctly, and the resulting amulets will not look as intricate as factory made pieces.


Pic: Luang Phor Jeud


The ingredients that went inside the smelting process came from some the most potent old amulets crafted by venerable, influential monks. The term “chanuan saksit

” is used to describe these ingredients. The amulets used came from:


  1. Luang Phor Jeud
  2. Luang Phor Poon, Wat PaiLom
  3. Luang Phor Kheow, Wat Huay Ngor
  4. Luang Phor Tim, Wat Phra Khao
  5. Luang Phor Koon, Wat Ban Rai
  6. Luang Phor Woon, Wat Tan Gong
  7. Luang Phor Mak, Wat Khao Lek Rang Sadow
  8. Luang Phor Mee, Wat Marn Wi Chai
  9. Luang Phor Perm, Wat Pom Keaw
  10. Luang Phor Sa Ngah, Wat Ban Mor
  11. Kruba Han, Wat Dong Lan
  12. Luang Phor Yam, Wat Takien
  13. Luang Phor Jeua, Wat Klang Bang Keaw
  14. Luang Phor Sawai, Wat Preedaram
  15. Luang Phor Pern, Wat Bang Phra
  16. Luang Phor Up,Wat Thongsai
  17. Luang Phor Chamnan, Wat BangGudeeTong
  18. Luang Phor Lian, Wat AranBanpot
  19. Luang Phor Pian, Wat Kroen Ka Thin
  20. Luang Phor Lair, Wat Phra Song
  21. Luang Phor Glan, Wat Khao Or
  22. Luang Phor Puerd, Wat Makok
  23. Luang Phor Daeng, Wat Huay ChalongRad
  24. Luang Phor Sai, Wat NamWijit
  25. Luang Phor Chuen, Wat Ta Ee
  26. Luang Phor Rid, Wat ChonPratan
  27. Luang Phor Sang, Wat DonTro
  28. Luang Phor Chin, Wat Muang
  29. Ajarn Nong, Wat Saikow


Other materials were also added, such as a15 baht gold bar (approximately 228 grams) and “Paen yant long akara” from 108 different Phra Ajarn (it is our opinion that takrut from the various monks were collected and smelted together to make this.


Pic: Phra Kring Pad Kror Lang Kum, B.E.2549, by Luang Phor Jeud


Luang Phor Jeud made this Phra Kring with the intent to help his devotees in these ways:

  1. To increase their luck and “pad kror lang kum plik duang chata jak rai klai pen dee”, or lessen or reverse the effects of the bad deeds that they had done in a previous life,
  2. To bolster their business luck by protecting against mee kror mee kum tamma ha gin mai kuen,
  3. To help resolve or improve “Phrasook Khao Phrasao Sehk (experiencing tragedy/endless problems)”.
  4. “Duang dee you leaw gor song serm hai dee ying kheun pen tawee koon
    ”,or reverse bad luck, while enhancing good luck.
  5. Supporting their careers by improving opportunities and their chances of promotion.
  6. Smoothening the path to success.
  7. Protecting them from Sanied Janrai
    and Saiyasart (black magic).
  8. Protection against danger in the same manner as the deva
  9. Klaew Klad PlodPai
    (deflecting danger and harm back those who would wish it upon the user)
  10. Resolution of spiritual illness. If you are experiencing symptoms that are unable to be diagnosed by medicine, place the Phra Kring in water. Pray, and drink the water. It will help resolve any spiritual disturbances.


No katha was found for this amulet.

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