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Ling Phaya Wanon, Luang Phor Anan Wisutto, Wat Bang Plee Noi

Ling Phaya Wanon, Luang Phor Anan Wisutto, Wat Bang Plee Noi

Ling Phaya Wanon is an amulet channeling the Monkey Spirit. This wicha was passed down from Luang Phor Chim

, Zhao Awat of Wat Bang Plee Noi
, to Luang Phor Anan. Luang Phor Chim learnt this wicha from the Tamra of Luang Phor Ding
, of Wat Bang Keaw
. When Luang Phor Anan had completed 2 Pansa in B.E. 2519, he moved from Wat Pim Pah Wad
to Wat Bang Plee Noi and stayed with Luang Phor Chim to further his learning.


Luang Phor Chim recognised that Luang Phor Anan was capable enough to learn the wicha of Ling Phaya Wanon, so he summoned Luang Phor Anan to his presence and showed him a powerful amulet that he had kept for himself. Luang Phor Chim was vague in his instructions for crafting this special amulet, and Luang Phor Anan only managed to catch a glimpse of it before Luang Phor Chim stowed it away. This left Luang Phor Anan worried that he might not live up to Luang Phor Chim’s expectations.


Pic: Luang Phor Anan of Wat Bang Plee Noi

One night, Luang Phor Anan dreamt that his room was filled with monkeys, led by a large-statured leader who stood in front of the group. In the dream, Luang Phor Anan spoke to the leader, asking if he could make amulets in the likeness of the Monkey Spirit, to which the leader agreed. Luang Phor beseeched the leader for his aid in crafting the amulets and imbuing them with enough power to spread their fame far and wide, encouraging devotees to improve their lives. Over the next few days, Luang Phor Anan then proceeded to craft the amulets, naming them “Phaya Wanon”, a name that remains to this day. Luang Phor Anan had thus surpassed Luang Phor Chim’s expectations. In B.E. 2537, Luang Phor Chim passed away, and Luang Phor Anan become Zhao Awat of Wat Bang Plee Noi



Luang Phor Anan made 5 different types of Phaya Wanon with these yants.

  • The 1st one is named Yant Hua Jai Hanuman Teewah Hanumana
  • The 2nd one is named Yant Teewah Ma-A-Au Hua Jai Traipidok
  • The 3rd one is named Yant Hua Jai Taat Tangsee Teewah Namapata
  • The 4th one is named Yant Hua Jai Yod Thongchai Teewah Ahsangsoosangsoosoo
  • The 5th one is Yant Teewah Nachaliti Hua Jai Phra Chimplee


We have no details of how each model looks like as there was no information available.  However, the picture below shows an example of the different models made by Luang Phor Anan

Pic: (Left) Phaya Wanon, amulet sized made of wood. (Middle) Phaya Wanon made to resemble a baboon’s tooth, made of red copper. (Right) Small statue sized for worship at home.

Method of Worship

Devotees must make offerings of bananas, fruit juice, red-coloured sweet drinks, or plain water, and recite the katha, to worship Ling Phaya Wanon.


(Picture References: Titipatt Kaewhla/


Namo Tassa Pakawatoh Arahato Sammasamputtasa – 3x

Think of the Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha, Parents, Teachers and Luang Phor Anan Wisutto

Then chant the katha below 3x

Hanumanah Namoputaya

Namapata japahkassa

Wish for what you want.

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