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The 12 Zodiac and Their Appropriate Phra Kreung Part 2: Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius

The 12 Zodiac and Their Appropriate Phra Kreung Part 2: Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius

Picture credit: Sunnydream/
Picture credit: Sunnydream/






In Part 1, we have explained the basic characteristic of the 12 signs under the 4 different elements, as well as recommended the different Phra Kreung to support bolster or enhance their astrological characteristics. (If you have not read Part 1 yet, catch up here)

In Part 2, we discuss amulets for the next 6 signs: Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius.


Cancer (15 Jul – 14 Aug)

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Cancers are like a cool drink of water, refreshing for all who come into contact with them. Cancers are sensitive and caring on the inside, but hard and stoic on the outside, much like the crab for which they are named. Their mood is unstable, and they are experts at holding a grudge, often allowing their life to spin into emotional chaos as a result.


Amulet for Cancer

Variants of Rian with oval or round shapes would be recommended. These amulets may be formed from clay, or mixed powders or lead. Images of the Buddha with an “Earth-Touching” hand gesture are highly recommended.

Buddha with “Earth Touching” hand gesture
(Picture credit: Kittapasp/

Male Cancers should avoid square or angular Rian, as this may lead to obstacles in their lives.

Ladies, however, are free wear Rian of all shapes and sizes.


Leo (15 Aug – 14 Sep)

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Leos are the lions of the bunch, arrogant and full of pride. Their ambitions are as Fiery as their star sign, and they desire nothing more than to stand out from the crowd, or more specifically, stand above them.

A Leo lives life with very little time for others, never stopping and always moving somewhere. Their principal weakness is their ego, and they should aspire towards reigning it in.


Amulets for Leos

To counter these intrinsic characteristics, Leos are encouraged to wear amulets featuring the Buddha or monks in meditative poses, such as Phra Pidta

or Phra Pidtawārn
, which reflect calmness and restraint.


Phra NāProk

and his inherent stillness are also suitable. When selecting Phra Naprok however, a Leo should avoid one with an “Earth-Touching” hand gesture, as this will lead to obstacles.


Powdered versions of these amulets are preferred for proud Male Lions.

Ladies may additionally opt for Phra Sangkacai

or Phra Sivali
, which are also crafted from powder.
Left: Phra Pidtawarn, Right: Phra Pidta
Left: Phra Sangkachai, Right: Phra Sivali


Virgo (15 Sep – 14 Oct)

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Virgo belies a sweet and charming character, almost a reflection of the patron symbol of their star sign. They possess a masterful intellect but may come across as demeaning or disrespectful when sharing their opinions with others, no matter how well-meaning the intent. Resolving this weakness is a key part of their experience.


Amulet for Virgo

An ideal amulet for a Virgo is a Phra Nāng Phaỵa

, or any Buddha or monk in a triangular shape. It should be encased within a golden frame, especially if worn by ladies.
Phra Nang Phaya
(Picture credit: Jackrit Singhanutta/



Libra (15 Oct – 14 Nov)

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Libras might seem hard to approach, and harder to get close to. They consistently elect to speak frankly, regardless of the consequences. They love freedom, and any attempts to inhibit this will likely end in conflict. They are able to balance out the shortcomings of nearly everyone else but are afflicted by an inability to see when they are being manipulated, as their first instinct is to give as much as they can when they see someone in need.


Amulets for Libras

Amulets for Libras should be made out of a festive array of exotic metals, in line with their need for constant stimuli to encourage their own personal development. Monk effigies made of metal are the best, with those in a Phra Pang NaProk

further enhancing their prestige.
Picture credit: Prachaya Roekdeethaweesab


Scorpio (15 Nov – 14 Dec)

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Scorpio is a Water Sign. While they may appear calm and collected on the outside, in their hidden depths lie a wellspring of emotional turmoil. They are fiercely emotional and are often prisoners of their own temper. Reigning on their more unhinged urges should be the goal of any successful Scorpio.

Amulets for Scorpios

Scorpios should wear amulets fashioned after monks renowned for their mercy and loving-kindness, such as Luang Por Nam Ka Ta Puỵỵo, Wat Khao Nor, Nakhon Sawan

. These may be made from either metal or powder.
Amulet of Luang Por Nam Ka Ta Puỵỵo,Wat Khao Nor

Scorpios should refrain from any amulets that imbue them with any level of invulnerability, as these may serve to worsen their already mercurial temperaments. Amulets that bless them with mercy, loving-kindness and attraction spells are advisable.


Sagittarius (15 Dec – 14 Jan)

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Those born in Sagittarius are snap decision-makers, much like arrows loosed from a primed bow. They are, however, for some odd reason, universally disliked, and prone to receiving gossip and untruths from the people around them.

These may be resolved by cultivating their resilience and determination.


Amulet for Sagittarius

Amulets for a Sagittarius should feature sharp acute angles such as pentagon, rhombus, octagon but, the triangle shape must be avoided. The amulets may be made from powder or metal, and feature any number of hand gestures in the images within.

Octagon shaped amulet with Phra Pidta


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