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Parod Gin Ngern, Parod Gin Thong by Luang Phor SriOng Chayasiri, Wat BanPojSatit, Tambon Prabaht, Ampur Muang, Changwat Lampang

Parod Gin Ngern, Parod Gin Thong by Luang Phor SriOng Chayasiri, Wat BanPojSatit, Tambon Prabaht, Ampur Muang, Changwat Lampang

Parod Gin Ngern

/Gin Thong (Mercury consuming gold/silver) is an ancient wicha that originates from Burma. Luang Phor SriOng
from Wat Ban PojSatit is the only monk in Thailand who was able to create Parod Gin Thong and Parod Gin Ngern.

The alchemic process involves taking mercury (Parod) and soaking it in numerous types of venom and toxins. Magical incantations prescribed by ancient formulae are then cast upon the mixture, until all the venom and toxins are absorbed and neutralize. Antimony, Lead, Red Copper, Yellow Copper, Tin and Lek Lai are also added, to stabilize the mixture.


Pic: Magazine showing the Parod Gin Thong made by Luang Phor SriOng, Wat BanPojSatit


The most important ingredient is gold. A katha is recited to make the magical mercury “consume” the gold until it stabilizes, usually at a concentration of between 5-20% of the total volume of the mixture. For Gin Ngern, Silver and Antimony are mixed in instead. This results in either a gold or silver appearance, respectively.

The mixture is then poured onto sand to form globules. A ceremony is conducted according to ancient magical procedures to imbue the Parod with magical properties.

The powers of Parod Gin Thong are:

1. Klaew Klard

,Kongkrapan and the prevention of broken bones
2. Protection from ghosts, evil spirits and black magic
3. Purging venom and toxins from the body.
4. Preventing poisons, venoms and toxins from entering the body.
5. Expelling bad luck.
6. Healing and balancing the elements in your body.
When wearing Parod Gin Thong, if it is bright and shiny, then your luck is good and strong. If the Parod Gin Thong turns dull, your luck is taking a turn for the worse, and you should be wary.
Pic: Parod Gin Thong, Luang Phor SriOngOng



There were 2 recorded mysterious incidences connected to Parod Gin Thong. Luang Phor once placed this Parod in the mouth of a dead monk. The monk’s devotees later discovered that even after 3 years, his body had not decomposed.

Another involved the belief that women are not allowed within the boundary established by Luang Phor during a consecration ceremony. A lady once stepped into the boundary during the process, and the pot where the ingredients were being mixed suddenly exploded. The ingredients vanished into thin air.


The katha is as follows:
First chant: Ji Jay Ru Ni, Gan Ha Nae Ha


Then recite
Namo Tassa Pakawatoh Arahatoh Sammasamputtasa – 3 times.


Then recite:
Samasat Phutto – 9 times.


Finally meditate and ask for the purging of the disease, poison, or malaise from your body. You may also wish for other things.

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