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BiaGae made by Luang Phor Jeua, Wat Klang Bang Keaw

BiaGae made by Luang Phor Jeua, Wat Klang Bang Keaw

Luang Phor Jeua

learnt this Wicha from Luang Phor Perm
, of Wat Klang Bang Keaw
. When he felt that his time on Earth was drawing to a close, Luang Phor Perm summoned Luang Phor Jeua and Phra Ajarn Bai
to the temple, instructing them to bring offerings of flowers, incense sticks and candles, so he could pass down the BiaGae
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Wicha and other skills to them. Luang Phor Perm did not wish to see the lineage of this Wicha be lost after his passing.


Luang Phor Perm instructed them; “Hai bai tam gorn

”, which meant to make way for Phra Ajarn Bai to craft BiaGae for the laity first, before Luang Phor Jeua. It seemed that Luang Phor Perm had an intuition that Phra Ajarn Bai would not outlive Luang Phor Jeua. After Luang Phor Perm passed away, Phra Ajarn Bai began crafting BiaGae for the laity, but he too passed on about a year later.


Pic: Luang Phor Jeua from Wat Klang Bang Keaw


Luang Ta Seng

and Luang Ta
(no details are available regarding the Venerable monks’ temples of origin) used the same method described in the Tamra of Luang Phor Perm, to craft their BiaGae. In B.E. 2530, after Luang Ta Seng’s passing, Luang Phor Jeua (commonly known in the amulet world as Luang Phor Cher) started making BiaGae.


Luang Phor Jeua made a lot of BiaGae, around 300,000 pieces by some estimates. He made the highest quantity of BiaGae ever recorded. At first, Luang Phor made these by hand, even knitting his own string to cover the BiaGae. As demand for his amulets grew, coupled with Luang Phor’s rapidly advancing age, the temple began recruiting people to assist in the production of the BiaGae, assisting Luang Phor with sourcing material, wrapping the lead sheets, inscribing the yant

, and knitting the string. The final consecration process, however, was always carried out by Luang Phor. About 50 pieces of BiaGae per day were created in this manner.


When Luang Phor was 80 years old, in B.E. 2548, the rings of the BiaGae were printed with the words “Na Kern Yod

” and “Jor Jan Kern Yod
”. Inside the knitted wrapping of the BiaGae, the Yant Torh Keun Yod
, Yant Torh Maha Phrom
, Yant Torh Maha Ut
and Yant Tua Ang
were inscribed (we were unable to locate pictures of these yant).


Pic: BiaGae by Luang Phor Jeua, Wat Klang Bang Keaw


These BiaGae possess properties that protect bearers from various types of black magic:

1. Saiyasart

(evil magic utilising spirits and demons),


2. MonDum (spells that cause physical pain e.g. having buffalo skin grow inside you, or wires extending throughout your body and protruding out the flesh and skin),

3. LomPayLomPad (Dark forces expelled from the bodies of black magic practitioners, on the day of Wan Ploi Khong

or Wan Ploi Pee
, on the Keun Sip Ha Kum
(15th day of the Waxing Moon). They do this to prevent the forces from harming them. When these dark forces are expelled, they roam free and continue to cause harm to people. One of the methods they employ is luring victims into their grasp by making strange noises in the night, and striking when they respond. A common Thai belief is that you should ignore any strange sounds you hear),


4. Garn Gratam Yam Yi Tang Saiyasart (black magic for grievously injuring someone or causing them to lose their minds)


The information below is translated from a pamphlet from Wat Klang Bang Keow:

BiaGae from Wat Klang Bang Keaw has these abilities:

  1. Protection from Garn Gra Tham Yam Yi Tang Saiyasart
  2. Protection from Ya Sang Pee Khow
    (hypnosis through black magic),
  3. Protection such as Bpong Kan Khai Pa SalaPad Pee Pah Bpong Bpong Perng Pee Bpop Gong Goi (spirits from the forest that cause strange illnesses),
  4. Protection from Wicha that traps you in an infinite loop, unable to find your bearings or leave a specific area that you find yourself repeatedly passing through,
  5. Protection from danger while travelling on ships, planes, trains, buses and other forms of transport,
  6. Protection against mind control via black magic,
  7. Assisting you to recover to from serious illness,
  8. Helping people with too much Wicha stored in their bodies to pass on peacefully,
  9. Alleviation of discomfort (eg pain, burning sensations or extreme cold) from possession by spirits or demons, by exorcising them from the host,
  10. If you find yourself in a physical altercation, wear the BiaGae in front of your body (no further details regarding the efficacy of this were provided),
  11. Wearing the BiaGae behind you will afford you the courage to face anything,
  12. Wearing it on your right will give you Metta Mahaniyom,
  13. Wearing it on your left will protect you against weapons,
  14. Wearing it on a necklace, or carrying it on your person will protect you against LomPayLomPad,
  15. Prevention of paralysis,
  16. The breaking of evil spells and curses cast upon a person,
  17. Should you need to relocate or destroy SanPhraPoom (spirit houses), SanJow (shrines for spirits/deity worship), Jaydee, SayMah
    (pillar stones outside temples), or GamPeng (temple walls, city walls), and you are afraid of retaliation from lingering spiritual forces, BiaGae can help keep you safe. Recite this Katha 7 times silently, while thinking of Phra Narai: (refer to our article on BiaGae to learn why you should invoke Phra Narai when using BiaGae)


Katha 1

Samooha nehya samooha nati sahooha kahtoh seema katang panta say ma yang samooha ni dup poh
Ae wang ae hi na kreun mo torn put kron ta kreun ya learn lud loi sawaha
Loh pu su sawi poo sam pa ah


SanPhraPoom (spirit houses)
(Picture References: KobchaiMa/


San Jow (shrine)
(Picture References: narai chal/


Jaydee (pagoda)
(Picture References: RONNAKON INTAKUM/


SayMah (Boundary markers of a temple) (Picture References: (left) VICHAN/, (right) Aofza photoracing/


GamPeng (city walls)
(Picture References: Nuphoya/

Katha for BiaGae

Recite Katha 2 before use:

A- Sang Wi Su Lo Pu Sa Phu Pa
Putta SangMi, EiSaWaSu


Offer Puttaraksa

flowers (Canna Lilly), incense sticks, candles, holy water.


Pray, or express your wish, then recite the Katha below 3 times:

Katha 3

Sa ta wi pi pa sa u


Next, recite this:

Katha 4

Bod sak gan ka wah duay kor dee
Pook kod chai pah gan peun
Ah ni tad sa nar up pa ti
Lan kai mi ork
Ah ni tad sa na up pa ti ka
Look mi ork lam klong
Ah ni tad sa na up pa ti ka ya
Lam klong tehk


To deal with someone who dislikes you and is constantly getting in your way, recite the Katha below:

Katha 5

Na metta ja maha racha
Ah metta ja maha seh na
U metta ja maha cha na
Suppa si neh har ja pa chi ka sa sup
Pa sa yang ja maha lapang la cha ko tang wi nat san ti
Cha na ko tang wi nat san ti
Suppa ko tang wi nat san ti

General Katha for BiaGae, Luang Phor Jeua

Namo Tassa Pakawatoh Arahatoh Sammasamputtasa – 3x
Ittipiso pakawa ya tra yam dee
Dai yam phra see sawad dee lahpo
Namo puttaya


Then recite the Katha Hua Jai BiaGae:

A- Sang Wi Su Lo Pu Sa Phu Pa
Putta SangMi, EiSaWaSu

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