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Plataphian (Fish Amulet) from Luang Phor Jong Wat Natangnok

Plataphian (Fish Amulet) from Luang Phor Jong Wat Natangnok

Many amulet collectors are familiar with the amulets of Luang Phor Jong, Wat Natangnok

from Bangsai district, Ayutthaya
province. Not only was he highly-disciplined and skilled in meditation, but he was also adept at Wicha. One of his most renowned amulets is Plataphian Ngern –Taphian Thong Riak Sap
(Refer to our biography on Luang Phor Jong, or another upcoming article discussing his miracles).



Plataphian amulets have been crafted by numerous temples and monks, but none come close to the popularity or renown of those made by Luang Phor Jong. The man himself has attained a legendary following, rivalled only by his own amulets.

Plataphian are modelled in the likeness of the Silver Barb (Barbonymus gonionotus), a common South Asian freshwater fish. For many centuries, fishes have served as a source of livelihood and sustenance, and thus, they have become an object of superstition across many cultures. In Thailand, the Plataphian amulet is believed to bestow owners with wealth and good luck.

Luang Por Jong had started consecrating batches of these amulets from as early as B.E.2490. Plataphian amulets are made in pairs pair; Plataphian Ngern (the Male) and Plataphian Thong (the Female). These amulets are renowned for drawing in the power of the Buddha’s grace and fortune, as the word Ngern Thong

is also used to refer to fortune and prosperity.


Plataphian amulets have a cumulative effect, gradually, silently, building their owners’ affluence in the proverbial “Nam Suem Bor Sai

”, like water dripping through sand, getting clearer each time. Owners will experience Puttakoon; the Buddha’s grace, ushering in peace and prosperity to their lives.



Before being Plataphian Ngern, Yaphian Thong

The Plataphian is a hardy aquatic animal that eats just about anything, allowing it to thrive in even the most unfavourable conditions. The “Phian” in its name, is also used to refer to a diligent person. The older generation of Thais therefore believes the fish to represent a person who is able to thrive against insurmountable odds.

Phra Geji Ajarn

aims to harness this inherent power by channelling it into these amulets, amplifying it via spells and inscriptions and consecrating it with the power of the Buddha’s grace, with the aim of helping to secure their livelihood. This practice is often also known as “Khom Fad”.



Amulet For Affluence

The first iteration of these amulets was cut from sheet metal by hand, as metal stamping was not as advanced then as it is today. LP inscribed the sacred lettering by hand onto each pair of Plataphian. Subsequent advances in technology saw him adopt a moulding pump instead, making the forming of the fish shapes easier.

Luang Phor then inscribed these spells onto the Plataphian:

  1. Na Ma Pha Tha
  2. Na Cha Li Ti
  3. U Ar Ka Sa
  4. TriniSinghay

These are known as the heart of the Katha Plataphian



Heart of Katha Plataphian

During the creation of Plataphian, these akara are inscribed;

1. Na Ma Pha Tha: Refers to the 4 elements that make up our material universe. The four characters are inscribed on the top fins, the lower fins and tail, representing the 4 elements that make up the body of the Plataphian; Water, representing blood, Earth, representing bones and flesh, Fire, representing body heat, and Air, representing breath.

The Akhara each provide their own additional blessings:

  • Na – Provides mercy, great popularity, great charm, mesmerizing everyone.
  • Ma – Imbues an owner with invulnerability and invincibility.
  • Pha – Helps to prevent danger from demonic spirits.
  • Tha – Gives the owner the ability to become invisible to danger and aggressors at will.

2. In the middle of the fish’s body are the words “Na Cha Lee Ti”. This is the heart of Phra Sivali Katha

, which imbue its owner with the characteristics needed to attract and conduct business.

The meaning is:

  • Na – Humility, Respect
  • Cha – Diligence
  • Lee –  The ability to function on less sleep
  • Ti – An amalgamation of all of the above traits

3. In the middle of the fish’s body, are the words “U Ar Ka Sa”, the key elements of a “Billionaire Katha”.

The significance of the katha is:

  • “U” is an abbreviation of “Ut Tha Na Sam Pa Tha
    ” or a declaration that only a diligent person will successfully make a living, and a lazy person will continue to languish in poverty.
  • “Ar” is an abbreviation of “Ar Rak Kha Sam Pa Tha
    ”, or the wealth and property which you acquire by the sweat of your brow, that can be preserved for a long time
  • “Ka” is an abbreviation for “Kan La Ya Na Mit Ta Tar
    ”, or choosing good friends who will not lead you to destruction and reckless abandon.
  • “Sa” is an abbreviation for “Sa Ma Chee Wi Tar
    ” which means to live in good faith and not engage in cheating of any kind.

4. On the other side of Plataphian resides “Tri Ni Singhay

”, the name of this specific talisman. The main attributes it imbues are mercy and popularity. Great for escaping ill fates, and making the positive parts of your horoscope come to fruition.


In the past, after forming the amulets, LP would chant and consecrate them while placing them in water, to see if they would float or sink. Logic dictates that the dense metal pieces would all sink, however, successfully consecrated ones would miraculously float.

The Plataphian created and consecrated by LP Jong closely adhered to the characteristics described in ancient texts. In order to pass the consecration ritual, the Plataphian would have to be asymmetrical, like a real fish swaying in the current. As the folk saying goes, “Plataphian Ngern – Taphian Thong”, they would always come in pairs.


How to use Plataphian Ngern, Plataphian Thong for Good Trade, Prosperity and Safety

  • If plying your trade by boat, hang 1 on the bow, and one on the stern of your boat.
  • If setting up a shop, hang both over the doorway with string, allowing the fishes to “swim” freely.
  • If trading goods on foot, place one fish below each shoulder basket (hardly relevant in modern times)
(Picture credit: vermontalm /
  • If farming, or cultivating fruit, put the fish in cans, and bury them in the ground. This wards off pests and pestilence, and ensures a sweet and bountiful harvest
  • Carrying the amulets on your travels ensures journey mercies.


Katha to create holy water for sprinkling on your products for better sales using Plataphian amulets

Na Mo Tat Sa Pha Kha Wa To A Ra Ha To Sam Ma Sam Phut That Sa  x 3

Phut Tho Na Ma Pha Tha Na Cha Lee Ti Phut Tha Sang Mi Sap Phe Cha Na Nang Pha Hu Cha Na Nang E Hi Ma Re So E Hi Jit Tang Pi Yang Ma Ma Mar Mar


A Word of Advice from Luang Phor Jong

If Plataphian owners can conduct their business in a virtuous manner, as described by the spells in the Heart of Katha Plataphian (mercy, respectful, humility, diligence, honesty), they will never know poverty.

Strive to maintain your health and mind, do not indulge in excessive sleep, and surround yourself with friends who will encourage you in positive pursuits, and live a thrifty lifestyle.

In his own words:

Commitment to good work, good faith, generosity in kindness to friends, diligence, thrifty, honest, patience all are the heart of this Kreung Rang.


(Picture credit: Fishes by Tanya Leanovich/
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