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Takrut Pok Krang Luang Phor Thongsuk, Wat Tanod Luang

Takrut Pok Krang Luang Phor Thongsuk, Wat Tanod Luang

Takrut Pok Krang

were crafted by Luang Phor Thongsuk
some time in B.E. 2480. Different lengths are available; one style is approximately 2/ 2.5 inches long, and the other is around 3/ 4 inches. The 4-inch version were made from copper and rolled 7 rounds into a takrut. The 2.5-inch version was reputed to be the first batch, and they were made in 4 materials;


1. Thong Fabaat, metal from the lids of monks’ alms bowls. Only gold-coloured bowls were used. This is the most popular among collectors.

Pics: Thong Fabaat
(Picture References: Atthakorn Maneejan/

2.Thong Daeng (red copper), the second most sought-after.

3. Takua (lead), ranking third in popularity

4. Bailan (Leaves of the palm tree)

The materials were specially selected and prepared by Luang Phor Thongsuk. After writing the arcane inscriptions onto the metal plates, he used hemp ropes to bind the rolled-up metal plates into a scroll, forming the takrut. After tying, a layer of Pok Krang was applied to each takrut. Pok Krang is a lacquer made from the nests of the Kerria Lacca beetle. In order to produce the lacquer, the nests had to be collected and boiled down into a sticky paste.


Pic: The Kerria Lacca bug
(Picture References: khlongwangchao/
Pic: Lac resin produced from the nest of the Kerria lacca bug. It is boiled down with other herbs to make a sticky paste called Pok Krang.


Before applying the lacquer onto the takrut, more mystical elements had to be added to it increase the power of the spells. A combination of herbs were mixed with Phong Prajan Kreung Seek, which translates as “powder that lies on half of the moon”, believed to be a potent magical element. The resulting powder was chanted over, using Wicha Pattamung by Luang Phor Thongsuk. While binding the takrut and applying the Pok Krang, he recited the katha, a process named Pok Krang Puttra. This wicha is excellent for Mahametta and Mahasaneh. The exact mystical methodology for producing the powder will probably never be revealed.


Pic: Takrut Pok Krang, Luang Phor Thongsuk


Namo Tassa Pakawato Arahato Sammasambuddhasa  – Recite 3x

Namo puttaya (if you require a quick recital)

For Full Katha

Namo puttaya, na metta, mo karuna, put pranee, tah yindee, ya endoo,

Ah Keu Tua Gu, U Keu Khon Tang Lai, Ah ja tham ah rai

Gu dai manoot satra, duay namo puttaya

Tor khapajow duay terd, arahang putto, putta sangmi

It sa wa su

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