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Namman Tipaya Metta, LP Somporn Somwaro, Samnak Pah Phratam Yan Muni, Changwat Nakhon Pathom

Namman Tipaya Metta, LP Somporn Somwaro, Samnak Pah Phratam Yan Muni, Changwat Nakhon Pathom

Namman Tipaya Metta, is an oil made by LP Somporn of Samnak Pah Phratam for users to have Metta and Kar Kai Dee



Pic: Namman Tipaya Metta by LP Somporn


  1. Namman Jan Hom (it is an oil from a type of tree named Jan Hom. It is known as Sandalwood. It is used in ceremonies for the royalties in Thailand since the Ayutthaya period. Before extracting the oil or cutting down the tree, they have to conduct a special ceremony.)
  2. Nammon Nu Gin NamNom Meaw
    (The Mouse drinks the milk from the Cat) from Ajarn Chum Chaikiri
  3. TaatGaiyasit (Lek Lai) DanMetta
    – A kind of Lek Lai
  4. Sarika from the tree named Phaya Kalong (they took the wood from that tree, and carved it into Sarika)
  5. Wan Phaya Kalong (they take herbs from Tham, Changwat Krabi)
Pic: Wan Phaya Kalong, the Bauhinia Tomen Tosa Linn, or the Yellow Orchid Tree
Pic: Tham Changwat Krabi (Cave in Changwat Krabi)
(Picture reference: Gina Smith/

6. Dok Raksorn

(there are 2 types of flowers that spring from the Calotropis tree). Some of the flowers only have one layer of petals, while some flowers have 2 layers of petals. In order to use this flower as an ingredient, only the flowers with 2 layers of petals can be used. They are used to make Pan Poom (offering design made to offer to Buddha), and perform an elaborate ceremony, before it can be used as an ingredient in the oil.
Pic: Dok Rak, with only one layer of flower petals.
(Picture reference: Poring/
Pic: Dok Raksorn, with 2 layers of flower petals
Pic: Pan Poom, an elaborate design of flowers made for offering to Buddha
(Picture reference: Maneerat Shotiyanpitak/

Katha (General Katha for Namman Tip)

Chew har yang, ma tu rang

Wah jang, chew har, wah jan ti

Put sitawah ja, soon ta rang

Piya ye wah, pi yan tu na

Iti parami ta ting sa, iti suppan yo makha ta

Iti pohti manud pad toh, itipiso jak te na mo

Na metta, mo karuna, put pranee, tah yindee, yah endoo.


Katha (Metta Mahaniyom)

(Long version)

Na metta, mo karuna, put pranee, tah yindee, ya endoo,

Bida kumchoo, manda pong gan, mu tu jittang pante eh hi


(Short version)

It tak ka ma


Katha (Jow Nai Metta) , Meaning popularity among superiors

Pad janmung si ra, sang katang, na hai na karo

Ho ti sappa woh, it sa wa su

(recite 3x before you leave home)


Katha Kar Kai Dee 1 (for good business and sales)

Om it ti putta sa, suwan nang

Wa rachakhang, wah ma nee

Wa wattang, wa pub payan

La ae hi, kacha wan ti

(Put some oil in a cup of water, recite this and then spray the water around your shop)


Katha Kar Kai Dee 2

Puttang, pa hu cha na nang

Ae hi, jittang ae hi, ma nud sa nang

Ae hi lapang, ae hi metta

Chom poo tee peh, ma nud sa nang

Iti yo, pu ri so, jittang pantang ae hi.

Hold the oil and your products then recite this katha 3x, after which you apply the oil on the product.

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