About WikiWicca

We are a group of amulet enthusiasts. When we began collecting amulets, we realized that it was difficult to find information about them, like the goal of their creation, and which masters crafted them; what went into the consecration process, and any special effect wearers of each amulet experienced. We also had trouble mastering the correct incantations (kathas), and methods for efficient usage.  The information we managed to locate was complex, but at times sketchy, other times skewed towards the promotion of said amulets. There had to be a way to make this information easily digestible by amulet enthusiasts of all experience levels.

Wikiwicca was created as a repository of knowledge to be shared among amulet collectors like us, in simple, easy-to-follow terms. As we continue to expand upon the knowledge base we have curated, we are mindful that there is still a rich history of it yet to be written, and invite you, the community, to contribute to it.

As we go along, we hope to collect a repository of esoteric and occult knowledges throughout different cultures.

What we want to do

Your trusted source, unlike dubious information online.

Some of the information we found was very well written but we thought that there was something else missing to make this information easily digestible by the average amulet noob, but most of the information was biased towards the sale of such amulets or sketchy at best.

Through thorough research and cataloguing, we had found that many esoteric knowledges have rich cultural background and histories, and some are often relied upon by scientist in their search for inventions to further improve the well-being of mankind.

We hope to maintain a unified resource that hobbyists or enthusiast like us can refer to in their quest to understand and fully unlock the secrets of the amulets in their possession, as well as other occult knowledge and information. We also hope to dispel the various myths, superstitions and wrong practices that had invariable accumulated over the passages of time. Through that endeavour, we hope that this information will help keep their families and them safe, prosperous and happy.

Each topic is supported with comprehensive reference pictures, sound files (for clarity of pronunciation and building familiarity with kathas), instructional videos and a glossary page. Consolidating this information however, requires considerable investments of time and resources, in order to conduct thorough, accurate research. How do we intend to keep it going, you might ask?


Translating texts from different languages, often lost to the annals of time or tricky in interpretation, requires substantial resources and dedication, as well as plenty of external expertise fro, those well-versed in the esoteric arts. A subscription-based program enables us to fund our database’s constant improvement and progress, and allows us to continue to present new and interesting information on a consistent basis, for the benefit of each and every member of the community.


Here are some things we won’t be doing:

It is not our intention to promote any specific temples or amulets. We are merely sharing our research and experience from a hobbyist / collector’s perspective.

We will not be providing any service to authenticate any amulets.

Help us help you!

We would like to invite our members to submit research topics that are of interest to you. This could be an amulet that you own, or you might be looking to find out more information about.

As it is difficult for us to have the pictures of all the amulets that are available in the world, we would like to invite members to submit pictures of their own amulets, which we will reproduce as part of our knowledge pool. In doing so, we will pay tribute to you or your shop in the article.

Additionally we also seek your assistance in helping us rectify and correct any mistakes that we might have overlooked, so we can keep this information as accurate as possible.


Will our ideas work?

To be honest, nothing is ever certain, but we hope that the community we build will become a self-sustaining one.

We have invested the last year of building the portal, researching information, translating articles, recording the sound clips for kathas and more. Considerable time, effort and resources have been channeled, and a strong team has been assembled. We plan to continue growing from strength to strength. We acknowledge that it takes time for communities to grow, and thus we hope that introducing consistency, in the form of 2 new articles a week, will help the process flourish.

Our goal is to be a one-stop platform for both Buddhists and hobbyists alike, in their quest for greater understanding of a power higher than our own.

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